We develop innovative geotechnical engineering solutions capable of solving any site condition by utilizing state of the art techniques and the most appropriate methods.Development of geotechnical solutions based on competent testing and engineered specifications intended to identify the most appropriate methods of solving site related issues.

  • Soil Exploration & Remediation employ a variety of geophysical and geotechnical methods, determine stratigraphic changes including depth-to-bedrock, as well as identify soils or other material that may potentially impact the integrity of a structure’s foundation. Based on the conditions encountered and the intended use of the property, we are able to design the most appropriate and cost effective remediation.
  • Geophysical Surveys Perform non-intrusive geophysical surveys to determine presence of sinkholes in karst environments, to identify utilities, underground storage tanks (UST), buried debris, depth-to-bedrock, mapping of landfills, mined or reclaimed land, and seismic hazard ratings. Our surveys can cover more ground in less time when compared to conventional drilling. Methods used include: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), and Electromagnetic (EM) surveys.
  • Sinkhole & Subsidence Investigation Our experienced geologists and engineers work closely together to identify key geologic features of interest and determine the proper course of action to stabilize and prevent further structure deterioration.
  • Landfill Surveys assess the presence of historic landfill material within the subsurface with the use of EM, GPR, or other suitable techniques. Provide support for landfill sittings by performing near surface geophysical surveys to map bedrock. We can also prepare GIS-based geologic, hydrologic, and environmental maps to help our clients identify the most appropriate site location.
  • Ground Vibration Monitoring Establish and monitor ground vibration associated with construction and demolition activities. When performed in conjunction with limited geotechnical and geophysical surveys we are able to quantify energies imparted into surrounding buildings or structures. When performed in conjunction with our Building Sciences group we are able to verify the full extent of damage experienced by surrounding buildings.
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