The Tower is an emblem of modern architecture as it is also an icon of great structures in the high rise building domain. The Tower is mainly a residential building also containing swimming pools, health clubs facilities and wide parking areas.

This project is made up of:

  • Two Basements, Ground floor , Mezzanine, Amenity, thirty one Residential floors, two floors as Penthouse, and a Roof.
    Which makes it 39 floors in total
  • Advanced computer software, based on the Finite Elements Method (FEM), were used to evaluate the exerted forces acting on the structure,. After assessing the straining stresses on the structural system , the elements were designed following Universal Codes.
  • The site, situated towards the northern end of the city of Abu Dhabi, is located between National Grids E233367 and E 233314, and N2712190 and N2712176.
    The site had an approximate area of 1968 m2 .
    The total built-up area of the project is 43028 square meters.

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