Ohana is a gated community compound consisting of 77 Private Villas which offers a luxury living life style, Villas areas range in size from 200m2 duplexes to 400m2, each villa has its own private garden ranging from 230m2 to 450m2, private pools and private parking spaces.

 The project includes a country club, sports center, tennis courts, basketball and football playgrounds, water park, surrounded by a hotel, a resort, a shopping mall, a medical center and a huge public garden of area 16,000 m2. 



  • A Resort-Style project 
  • Indoor Swimming Pools. 
  • Beautifully Landscaped Environs. 
  • Lush Green Manicured Common Gardens. Wide paved walkways with trees. 
  • Water Bodies and Green Parks. Drive-in Parking Spaces. 
  • A 24/7 security guard agency. 
  • Providing a 24/7 Electricity System. A 24 / 7 Water Supply. 
  • A tennis court for residents. 
  • A Football court for residents. A Basketball court for residents A Public garden for residents. 



The clear height of the floors will be 330 cm that will allow for installation of luxury chandler’s and lights, smooth air ventilation flow and the air conditioning / heating systems will work with more efficiency, allowing the natural sun light to cover most of the floors through the well-designed windows, doors … etc. 


Masonry Work 

  • Interior and exterior walls non-structural smooth finished concrete walls or masonry walls. 
  • External walls: Double masonry walls to provide best thermal Protection, saving a lot of energy (Electricity consumption), and provide Sound proofing. 


Waterproofing works 

  • For basement walls (if any), kitchens, bathrooms, Balconies, terraces and roof to be protected by water proofing membranes. 
  • Water proofing for all concrete in touch with the soil underground that will protect concrete and steel from attack of water (if any) or chemicals. 
  • The water proof system is according to heavy duty specifications with high standard materials. 
  • Water proof to be applied in external elevations in any area found needed to ensure water tightness and external elevations permeability like above MEP conduits pipes. 
  • For basement walls a complete waterproofing system based on 2 coats of hot applied SBS elastomeric membrane, 4mm thick each. 
  • For water tanks and pools: Cementitious based elastic waterproofing with fiber glass reinforced mesh, alkali resistant. 
  • For flowerbeds: 2 coats of hot applied SBS, elastomeric membrane, 4mm thick 

a. 1st coat with 180gr/m2 polyester reinforced 

b. 2nd coat with 60 gr/m2 fiber glass, anti-root, self-protected with mineral granules. 

- For roof and terraces: 

a. 2 coats of hot applied SBS, elastomeric membrane, 4mm thick, with 180 gr/m2 polyester reinforced. 

b. 5cm thickness of extruded rigid cellular polystyrene boards for thermal insulation. 



Exterior Natural Stone cladding on Exposed facades, along with compact laminate wood cladding mechanically fixed to give maximum modern design effects and beauty along with durability and aging proof (U.V resistance, water lightness, frosting, wind resistance, chemical resistance and no any change in colors). To be executed exactly as see in final design perspectives. 

  • External doors & windows 
  • TECHNAL Aluminum Double-glazing clear or equivalent. 
  • Balustrades: Glass balustrades for balconies and terraces & Glass balustrades with stainless steel handrail in stairs. 


Painting works 

Walls finished in smooth paint. 3 coats of putty & 3 coats of paint: 

Tinol or equivalent. 


Granite countertops with splash backs. High and Low Cabinets: MDF high-gloss cabinets Germany standards (NOLTE). 


  • Reception area: first choice European Tiles full body rectified with marble texture (60*120) or equivalent. 
  • Bathrooms and Kitchen: First Choice high quality European Tiles (30*90) full body rectified or equivalent. 
  • Bedrooms: first choice European parquet tiles with wood texture (22*120) or equivalent. 
  • Stairs: European Marble 2 cm. 


Wood works: 

  • Entrance decor: solid wood frame and natural wood Oak leaf. 
  • Interior decor: painted or veneered Oak wood. 
  • Swimming pool (Optional System): Each Villa will have a swimming pool on its private garden. 

Electrical works 

  • Electrical reservations for Home Automation (Optional). 
  • Designed to install two distribution boards D. B′s in the double floors villas. The added D.B in the first floor will allow better control of power, better safety and system durability. The system is designed to allow less energy consumption and better safety and workability / Running. 
  • Electrical Accessories: Legrand Arteor – France 
  • 3 synchronized soundproof European assembly generators, running in parallel supplying full emergency: Perkins or equivalent. 
  • Colored videophone system-URMET or equivalent reservation. 
  • Collective antenna TV system for local and satellite selected TV channels. 
  • Electrical parking door with remote control + Barrier. 
  • Lighting connections for each villa garden. 
  • UPS System for villa lighting. 


Mechanical works 

  • Polypropylene for embedded and exposed pipes inside the units (P.P.R 20 bar pressure value heavy duty made by API). 
  • Drainage and Sewage: UPVC piped or Equivalent. 
  • High quality sanitary fixtures: European GROHE Standards (7years Warranty) or equivalent. 
  • High quality sanitary wares: Wall Mounted LAUFEN 10 years Warranty- European Specifications) or equivalent. 


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