Villa AbuEid defines the comforts and luxury that come with a modern living Standards—consisting of Huge spaces summing up to a total buildup area of 5000m2 located in Majdelion , Lebanon.

The Villa is situated atop a cliff overlooking the city of Saida and the breath taking Sea. containing ,

  • A resort-style Swimming Pool.
  • A Cinema Theater
  • A toned-to-perfection fitness Gym.
  • An exclusive clubhouse, packed with lifestyle amenities
  • Party Hall.

The Villa is wide, open and spaced out with plenty of greenery and manicured parks. Surrounded with beauty …

  • Beautifully Landscaped Environs
  • Lush Green Manicured Gardens
  • Wide paved walkways with trees
  • Water Bodies and Play center for children
  • Drive-in Parking Spaces

AISO Group is the main Architectural firm that was the in charge of the entire Architectural and Electro/Mechanical design and consulting in this project , Our involvement in this project was limited to providing Structural design and Structural consulting services as well as helping the owner with Structural management and cost control affairs.

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